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Dr Venita Patel
Family Nutrition & Wellness Expert
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More information about Venita and her experience.

Dr Venita Patel

MBBS, MRCPCH, MSc, Dip. Nat. Nutrition

My Experience

I am an experienced medical doctor in the NHS, and also a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist. Further to my medical school degree, and postgraduate degrees, I wished to look further into the roles of nutrition and lifestyle and how they apply to the holistic picture of health. I therefore undertook training with the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2010, and most recently with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I currently work for Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust as a Community Paediatrician, with particular interest in childhood growth and development, and run clinics in obesity and nutrition. I have extensive clinical experience from working in several hospitals in and around London and in the school health service.

Nutrition Clinics (Children & Adults)

I run my 'Health Via Nutrition' clinics in Central and West London. I have a whole clinic dedicated to seeing children of all ages, from babies to 18 years of age, taking a truly holistic approach to their health, development, growth and nutrition. I work alongside a comprehensive team of therapists, practitioners and health professionals in a new Children's Wellness Centre.

I consult on children's health, development, nutrition, dietary and feeding issues, plus give advice and support with sleep, behaviour and emotional needs.

I take a 'whole person' approach to health needs by first finding out the root cause of problems, and then applying targeted nutrition strategies with appropriate natural supplements and lifestyle advice.

I can address a variety of health issues including gut health or digestive disorders, allergies, immune issues, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, weight management, plus symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, sleep problems, stress and anxiety.

This nutrition and lifestyle medicine approach is very effective for most chronic symptoms or illnesses, and can prevent long-term health problems, thereby reducing the need for prescription medication.


I am involved in teaching and lecturing, and run regular educational workshops and events for both public and professionals.


How I can help you & your family.

Initial Appointment

I make a very detailed assessment at the initial appointment, including analysis of a 'Food Diary'. By taking into account particular needs and dietary preferences, I create bespoke Nutrition and Lifestyle plans, with specific supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow Up

I then provide email and phone support while you begin the plan. After 6 weeks I arrange to see you again for a follow up appointment to explore what is working and how to help further. I then adjust the plan accordingly and arrange further follow up as necessary.


I can also arrange nutritional status investigations (functional testing) and blood tests where needed. If you are on medication or under a hospital specialist I would liaise with them where necessary.


A look at our costs.

Initial Plus Plan


Follow Up


Infant & Toddler Feeding Clinic

£150 per session


Details of the weekly clinics.

  • Children's Wellness Centre


    27a Fishers Lane
    W4 1RX
    Tel: 020 8061 9947
    Contact the clinic

  • Hopetree Clinic


    2 Deanhill Rd
    North Sheen
    SW14 7DF
    Telephone: 020 8487 8308
    Contact the clinic

  • The Charterhouse Clinic

    By Arrangement

    98 Crawford Street
    London W1H 2HL
    Tel: 0207 723 7084
    Contact the clinic

  • Virtual Clinic

    A video appointment may be arranged on request

  • Email or
    call to
    see me


To make a booking or enquiry email me on hvnutrition@gmail.com, call 07968 539 083 or complete the form below.